Analyst Report: Sector RoadMap: Multicloud management in 2013

Credit: Mattias


Enterprise use of the cloud is becoming increasingly complex. Typically no longer satisfied with the limitations of a single public or private cloud deployment (or simple hybrids of the two), the enterprise is instead seeking ways to deploy best-of-breed infrastructure that spans multiple public and private cloud instances. This multicloud trend creates complex on- and off-premise IT estates that need careful management, creating a growing set of challenges for those following this path and significant opportunities for the suppliers of cloud-management solutions.

This GigaOM Sector RoadMapTM identifies and categorizes the principal disruption vectors at play, and it profiles a number of the significant solution providers in the space.

This report will examine:

  • The rise of multicloud and the growing tension between best of breed and simplicity
  • The role of cloud-management solutions
  • The future of cloud-management tools: Are they products or features?
  • The importance of APIs
  • Emerging business models and companies to watch

Source: GigaOM Research

Source: flickr user Mattias

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Introduction
  3. Methodology
  4. Disruption vectors
    1. The rise of the API
    2. Feature atomization
    3. Security circus
    4. Vertical specialization in the cloud
    5. Bridging public and private
    6. The best-of-breed cult
  5. Company analysis
    1. RightScale
    2. Enstratius
    3. CliQr
    4. ServiceMesh
    5. ScaleXtreme
    6. Scalr
  6. Outlook and predictions
  7. Key takeaways
  8. About Paul Miller
  9. About GigaOM Research

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