Sector Roadmap: cross-platform mobile development

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Introduction
  3. Disruption vectors
  4. Company analysis
  5. Outlook and key takeaways
  6. About Rich Morrow

1. Summary

Cross-platform mobile app development is already complicated. However, due to the dizzying pace of mobile fragmentation it will become substantially more difficult over the coming years. As a result, the future plans of mobile development vendors are far more important than the toolsets those developers currently offer. This Sector RoadmapTM identifies five Disruption Vectors — forces with the potential to reshape the market and demands for mobile application development platforms — and evaluates a number of different vendor approaches in light of those forces.

Key findings in this Sector Roadmap include:

  • The “talent crunch” will continue to be largest factor influencing adoption of a platform.
  • Platforms that provide full end-to-end solutions from the integrated development environment to the back-end offer the most benefits for developer productivity and security.
  • Open and plugable approaches are best-suited to take advantage of the rapid changes likely to continue in the mobile space.
  • Network speed, MBaaS, analytics, and other factors can dramatically affect end user experience and developer productivity.
  • Most vendors have their eyes on the IoT space and can offer a consolidated approach to deploy apps into yet-unknown platforms and form factors.



  • Number indicates a company’s relative strength across all vectors
  • Size of ball indicates a company’s relative strength along an individual vector

Source: Gigaom Research


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