Containers as a Service

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Evolution of Containers as a Service
  3. CaaS Market Segmentation
  4. Disruption Vectors
  5. Company Analysis
  6. Additional Vendors
  7. Outlook and Key Takeaways
  8. About the Author: Janakiram MSV

1. Summary

After virtualization, containers have become the most disruptive technology of the enterprise market. From server hardware vendors to virtualization companies to public cloud providers, everyone has included containers in their strategy. The recent deal between HP and Docker, Inc. is an example of this trend. The hypervisor market is facing a threat from containers. VMware and Microsoft are working hard to convince customers about the benefits of using both. Containers are high on the agenda of top public cloud providers such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

The technology decision makers from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies are watching this trend with keen interest. Most of the recent surveys point to an increased adoption of containers in enterprises.

This Sector Roadmap™ identifies and categorizes the principal disruption vectors at play and profiles some significant providers in the space. In this report, key findings include the following:

  • The three key market segments of the CaaS market that vendors should be aware of
  • The CaaS areas required for delivering the scale and maturity to manage centralized workloads in production environments
  • The five Vectors that will be disrupt the CaaS market over the next 24 months
  • How vendors should augment development stacks as the lines between CaaS and PaaS blur in the coming years


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