Analyst Report: Part 5 of 9, Data Warehouse Platforms: Removing Silos & Operationalizing Your Data

On Big Data

This is part 5 of a 9-part report, access all other parts here:

Part 1 – Data Connectors
Part 2 – Virtualized Data Layers
Part 3 – Data Integration
Part 4 – In-Memory Database/Grid Platforms
Part 6 – Business Intelligence (BI)
Part 7 – Business Intelligence on Big Data/Data
Part 8 РBig Data/Data Lake Platforms 
Part 9 –¬†Data Management and Governance

Strategy & Business Considerations

Data warehouse technology was perhaps the first that provided a unified repository for data emancipated from siloed systems, allowing then-bleeding edge enterprise organizations to query their data comprehensively and do so without taxing operational systems.

These pioneering systems have never really lost their appeal in the enterprise and they work well in nearly every analytic use case. Leveraging them today provides continuity and draws on longstanding work habits, skill sets, and technology ecosystem compatibility.

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Strategy & Business Considerations
  3. Technical Considerations
  4. Technology Evolution & Landscape
  5. Key Players
  6. About Andrew Brust
  7. About GigaOm

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