Analyst Report: Part 1 of 9, Data Connectors: Removing Silos & Operationalizing Your Data

On Big Data

This is part 1 of a 9-part report, access all other parts here:

Part 2 – Virtualized Data Layers
Part 3 – Data Integration
Part 4 – In-Memory Database/Grid Platforms
Part 5 – Data Warehouse Platforms
Part 6 – Business Intelligence (BI)
Part 7 – Business Intelligence on Big Data/Data
Part 8 РBig Data/Data Lake Platforms 
Part 9 –¬†Data Management and Governance

In that spirit, we start with the category of data connectors. Connectors, sometimes known as providers or drivers, are what allow software, be it a programming language or a BI tool, to address distinct data sources in a uniform fashion.

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Strategy & Business Considerations
  3. Technical Considerations
  4. Technology Evolution & Landscape
  5. Key Players
  6. About Andrew Brust
  7. About GigaOm

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