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Platform Play

How LAWPRO Overcame a Decade of Technical Debt to Embrace Digital Transformation and Advance its Risk-Based Legal Claims Process into the Future

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Case Study

1. Summary

LAWPRO is the leading provider of professional indemnity insurance and services to thousands of providers in the Ontario legal community. LAWPRO also provides property title insurance across Canada. Since its incorporation in 1994, LAWPRO has acted as an independent body of the Law Society with independent governance and board of directors. A commercially successful organization, the key value proposition of LAWPRO is a highly efficient risk-based claims process backed by masterful expertise in financial investment, fraud, cybercrime, and new technologies affecting the legal profession.

Delivery and operation of an Information Technology (IT) platform called “My LAWPRO” is fundamental to the services LAWPRO provides. My LAWPRO acts as the central hub for claims processing, account and policy information, and general education. It’s a 25-year-old platform that has grown to support a dramatic increase in the number of external users over its life. As the last 10 years have been focused almost entirely on reducing costs, the burden of technical debt within this legacy infrastructure is now significant.

The strategic choice to re-platform the core central nervous system of the organization requires courage in leadership, confidence in partnerships, and maturity in delivery, as well as a governance model that spans the entire corporate structure.