Planning a BYOD strategy on the move

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Step 1: Build your team
  3. Step 2: Plan your attack
  4. Step 3: Build in phases
  5. About GigaOM Pro


Two weeks ago I blogged aboutĀ mobile-development paralysis. A former client had a casual bring-your-own-device (BYOD) program where employees were allowed to do whatever they wanted. By the time management realized a formal BYOD program was needed, it was too late and the company slideĀ into dangerous, unproductive territory. Everyone involved knew it was a bad idea, but building a new system while managing the current mess seemed like too much to handle.

So how does a business go about implementing a new BYOD strategy when a free-for-all version of one is already in place? To be sure, it’s more difficult than building a properly regulated program from scratch, but three key steps will help:

  1. Get buy in and advice from the proper team.
  2. Build a detailed inventory, specification, and set of success metrics.
  3. Create a phase-based implementation strategy that puts people and process before software and hardware.

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