Performance testing: balancing agility and quality

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  2. Today’s challenges
  3. What leaders are doing
  4. New methods for success
  5. New tools for success
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Today, application performance is more important than ever. Numerous studies have shown that even small degradations in application performance can have severe impacts on revenue and customer experience. As organizations continue adopting agile methods for delivery, verifying application performance must not get bypassed in the pursuit of faster time to market. Yet it also must not stand in the way of getting enhancements to customers quickly, before the competition does.

Simply stated: organizations must balance agility, quality, and performance. Leaders today are learning to be more efficient and effective at integrating performance testing and monitoring with rapid agile delivery cycles. Those that get it right can consistently and quickly deliver new features to their customers, with higher quality and with confidence that their solution scales to meet performance expectations.

This report is for IT and business execs who are responsible for business apps. They can learn from leaders who are striking this balance successfully and should introduce new methods and tools while elevating the perception and authority of performance testing to ensure consistent quality and rapid delivery.

Key findings include:

  • App performance directly affects customer experience, which correlates to customer satisfaction and business outcome.
  • Ensuring consistent app performance for every release of every app requires an integrated approach to performance testing and monitoring.
  • Leaders should use agile and devops to manage app performance proactively across all the teams involved with planning, designing, developing, testing, and operating apps.
  • By automating the gathering, analysis, and dissemination of key performance data to the right decision makers, organizations free their teams to spend more time on value-added practices related to proactive management.
  • Next-generation app performance testing and monitoring tools form essential building blocks for high-quality rapid releases.

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