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Outlook: Mobile in 2015 v1.0

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Health and fitness: the new platform war in mobile
  3. Can Apple Pay pry open mobile payments for others?
  4. The battle for the mobile enterprise is finally heating up
  5. Beacons: a boon to retailers or the bane of consumers?
  6. Key takeaways
  7. About Colin Gibbs


Some important developments and trends in 2014 have laid the foundation for a particularly eventful year in mobile in 2015. Apple, Google, Samsung, and WebMD, for instance, all launched initiatives that signaled the arrival of health and fitness as a crucial new platform for mobile apps, services, and devices.

Other important trends to consider as we enter 2015 include:

  • Apple has begun to make headway in a mobile payments market that Google, PayPal and others have failed to crack. The company will continue to make progress next year, likely blazing a trail for at least one of its competitors.
  • Apple and IBM took aim at the enterprise with a collaboration to develop apps and sell iPhones and iPads to businesses and other organizations. Appleā€™s iOS threatens to become the platform of choice in the mobile enterprise, and Google will continue to move aggressively to keep pace.
  • Retailers are rushing to deploy beacons in an effort to engage their customers via smartphones as those users walk through the store. While beacon-based systems are a promising mobile-marketing tool, they may initially see better adoption in venues such as museums, amusement parks, and mass-transit hubs.

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