SDN is already impacting the market

More than 20 percent of the responses indicated that SDN was already in use.

SDN Adoption is far ahead of expectations

Source: Gigaom Research

The primary business drivers for adopting SDN are agility and efficiency, and they are ultimately aimed at extracting more value from IT infrastructure. At the same time, SDN is expected to improve problem areas in networking by providing new tools for automation and troubleshooting that manage change risk and enable service delivery.

Expected business benefits from SDN

Source: Gigaom Research

A lack of visibility and integration between virtual servers is also a major issue, as is solving the network to virtual machine configuration challenge.

Education challenges also exist. The survey results show that customers have a solid comprehension of what SDN can do for business and operations but have limited awareness of how that it delivered. The audience also has limited awareness of overlay networking and seems to confuse it with data center interconnect.

Finally, with a large number of responses showing that organizations are using the cloud today, the majority will deploy SDN in the next two years and will look to trusted vendors to provide the products and support to make that transition.

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