Analyst Report: Mobile content management in the enterprise


Ready or not, your organization’s employees want to access, view, edit, and share enterprise content while they’re on the go. They’re probably already doing business on mobile computing devices like tablets and smartphones. A recent survey by AIIM shows that the expectations for mobile content access are on the rise, with 45 percent of the 463 respondents saying that access was “vital” or “very important.”

Importance of mobile-content access and collaboration


Source: AIIM 

How does an enterprise manage content when it goes mobile? This GigaOM Research report examines that question, first by defining mobile content management (MCM) and then comparing it to other technologies that enable lesser levels of content use on mobile computing devices. We’ll also look at MCM’s potential benefits and challenges, the value MCM adds to activities that directly support operational process execution, and the future of MCM.

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. What is mobile content management (and what it is not)?
  3. Use cases: examples of MCM in action
  4. MCM’s potential benefits
  5. MCM’s potential challenges
  6. Good MCM practices
  7. Key takeaways
  8. The future of MCM
  9. About Larry Hawes
  10. About GigaOM Research
  11. About Alfresco

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