Microsoft Windows Azure: strengths and weaknesses

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. What works for Microsoft
  3. What Microsoft must improve
  4. Summary
  5. Key takeaways
  6. About Janakiram MSV

1. Summary

Since it was launched in 2010, Microsoft’s Windows Azure has taken four years to become relevant in the cloud market. Like most of the company’s software, Windows Azure underwent a series of iterations before it became stable and enterprise-ready.

This report addresses the following issues related to Microsoft Windows Azure:

  • Who is responsible for turning around the Windows Azure strategy
  • The key differentiating factors of the Microsoft cloud platform
  • Some of the smart decisions that made Windows Azure relevant to enterprise customers
  • How is Microsoft driving the utilization of its massive data center capacity
  • The roadmap for Windows Azure
  • The limitations of Windows Azure should customers be aware of

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