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Marketing Goes Agile v1.0

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. The Biggest Challenge: Standing Out
  3. Going Agile
  4. Being Agile
  5. Conclusions and Takeaways
  6. Footnotes
  7. About Stowe Boyd


Marketing teams are being forced to run at a new, faster pace, driven by the need to juggle a growing array of tools and technologies in an increasingly digital context. The foundation of today’s marketing is the need to stand out in the supercharged media world, where it’s harder than ever to create impact. But the only variables that marketers can control are these: moving faster, and using new tools to support that. The challenges of transitioning from inspiration to execution are considerable, and require today’s creative teams to become much more agile. But agile thinking isn’t enough: marketers will adopt new technologies that support faster execution even as the work becomes more complex.

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