Managing the complete customer experience: encouraging engagement with mobile and apps v1.0

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Introduction: catering to customers in the app economy
  3. Mobile apps gain traction
  4. Reimagining the customer experience
  5. Purchase funnel to interaction cycle
  6. Connect
  7. Customizing customer service
  8. Communicate
  9. Powering loyalty schemes
  10. Transact
  11. Managing the transaction experience
  12. Enabling high-value transactions
  13. Removing manual to improve mobile
  14. Key takeaways
  15. Appendix
  16. About Peggy Anne Salz


Mobile apps are becoming the primary way that users across all demographics access and activate content, services, commerce, and critical business applications. This turns up the pressure on organizations to anchor business applications on mobile platforms.

It’s clear that enterprises no longer consider mobility the last step toward implementing a business application. Instead, they see it as the first and most crucial step for developing and deploying a comprehensive and effective strategy to empower users and engage customers. Against this backdrop, mobile apps are becoming the business tool that will reimagine the customer experience as well as supercharge sales and service channels.

This report will examine:

  • The key customer activities and experiences that organizations must enable and manage to drive positive results and lasting loyalty
  • Why an app download or install is a flawed key performance indicator and why app engagement is the end game
  • Key technologies and solutions that organizations can harness to reduce friction and address increased customer demand for flexibility, usability, and seamlessness
  • The dos and don’ts of managing the customer experience delivered by mobile apps at each stage of the interaction cycle

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