Analyst Report: Location: The Epicenter of Mobile Innovation


Location, a fundamental enabler of new mobile services, is at the epicenter of an extraordinary wave of mobile innovation. While location-based services have been the subject of much hype for years, location now occupies a critical, pervasive role in the mobile industry. This report outlines the forces unleashing location-based mobile innovation (shown below) and discusses implications for competitors across the value chain. Synergy across a number of the forces — geodata, location determination, and object and image recognition, in particular — is creating significant opportunities for companies such as Twitter and fueling a new wave of innovation in location-aware mobile apps.

Forces Unleashing Location-based Innovation

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Forces Unleashing Location-based Innovation
  3. The New Geodata: We’re Not in Kansas Anymore
  4. Location Determination (LD)
  5. Location and Situated Experiences
  6. Key Takeaways
  7. About the Author
  8. About GigaOM Pro

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