Leveraging Low Code

How Microsoft PowerApps Helped G&J Pepsi Deliver Mobile Apps to its Field Operators

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1. Summary

G&J Pepsi Cola Bottlers Inc. wanted to provide extended mobile services to its staff in the field but lacked the professional developers to accomplish that. With a small IT department of seven people and more than 90% of its infrastructure running on Microsoft, G&J invested heavily to move to Office 365 seven years ago—its first real foray into the cloud. The company turned to a low-code solution in the form of Microsoft PowerApps to create mobile apps that make in-store audits more efficient and effective, as well as support its 425 back-office workers. This case study explores how G&J Pepsi was able to transition to the cloud and scale services out to its employees, extending information, capabilities, and functionalities to users in the field.

Company: For a century, G&J Pepsi has been one of Pepsi’s biggest franchise bottlers in the U.S., with approximately 1,600 employees at 13 locations around central and southern Ohio and eastern Kentucky. Most of its employees work in the field, making, distributing, and marketing the Pepsi product line.

Key Findings

  • The apps saved the business $500,000 in the first year alone and $2 million overall.
  • The company was able to develop new apps within weeks without needing previous app development experience among its staff.
  • Field sales teams have more easily accessible data and can now quickly submit audits.
  • The dashboard helped with visualizing data to trigger alerts to relevant personnel.

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