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Las Vegas’ Smart Gamble

The City of Las Vegas is Providing Wireless Connectivity to Residents as a Key Step Towards Improved Education and Public Safety Access as Part of its Transformation Into a Smart City

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Challenge
  3. Solution
  4. Result
  5. Lessons Learned

1. Summary

The City of Las Vegas is home to more than 640,000 residents. As part of a plan to transform Las Vegas into a smart city, democratize access to broadband connectivity, and close the digital divide for residents, the local government rolled out the largest Long Term Evolution (LTE), fifth-generation (5G) ready private municipal wireless network in the U.S.

The project, which took 45 days from funding to rollout and covers approximately 25 square miles, is the first phase of the municipal authority’s four-part plan to transform Las Vegas, Nevada into one of the first premier smart cities in the U.S. Given its initial success, the plan will see the wireless network expand across the entire city, and potentially to neighboring cities, to improve connectivity for other services, including law enforcement, telehealth, and general Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities.

Benefits include:

  • Rapid time to value, delivering citywide coverage in 45 days
  • More cost-effective than alternative commercial solutions
  • Democratized broadband access for 30,000 local schoolchildren
  • Enhanced ability to deliver social services