How to resolve cloud migration challenges in physical and virtual applications

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. The advantage of migrating enterprise applications to the cloud
  3. The challenge of migrating enterprise applications to the cloud
  4. Opportunities for the hybrid cloud
  5. The role of automation
  6. Addressing security challenges
  7. Migration as a sustainable strategy for the enterprise
  8. Key takeaways
  9. About Paul Miller

1. Summary

Enterprise IT infrastructure largely predates the emergence of cloud computing as a viable choice for hosting mission-critical applications. Although large organizations are now showing real signs of adopting cloud computing as part of their IT estate, most cloud-based deployments still tend to be either for new and self-contained projects or to meet the needs of traditional development and testing functions.

Compatibility, interoperability, and performance concerns have kept IT administrators from being completely comfortable with the idea of moving their complex core applications to the cloud. And without a seamless application migration blueprint, the project can seem more of a headache – and risk – than it’s worth. This report will highlight for systems administrators, IT directors, cloud architects, and decision-makers at Software as a Service (SaaS) companies and Cloud Service providers, the different approaches they can take in moving existing applications to the cloud.

  • IT planners with an eye to costs should explore moving their existing applications to the cloud.
  • Automation is a key component for ensuring that IT environments can be reliably replicated, whether that’s on new hardware in the same data center or out in the cloud.
  • In areas such as disaster recovery (DR) or for enterprise applications that lack sufficient justification for the expense of a comprehensive redesign, an efficient and reliable means of augmenting on-premise capabilities with the cloud is likely to be interesting for the foreseeable future.

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