How to Market Your iPhone App: A Developer’s Guide

1 Summary

How many hours have you been at the computer developing the next killer iPhone app? Fifty? One hundred? More? And how much money have you put into becoming a registered developer, paying artists, hardware, software and training fees? The day has finally come to submit your hopes and dreams (your app, that is) to the whims of the Apple approval team. But did you forget something?

With more than 250,000 active apps in the iTunes store, the idea of yours being “discovered” and succeeding on its own becomes less likely every day. Now, for your app to succeed, you need both a high-quality product and a strategic approach to marketing it. Understanding the importance of the latter is imperative. There are many tactics — social media marketing, public relations, promotions and advertising, among others — that can help push your application to the front of the crowd. This guide is the first step towards helping you, the app developer, to navigate the nuances of app marketing to increase visibility and sales of your app.