Analyst Report: How direct-access solutions can speed up cloud adoption


The effect of internet avoidance on cloud adoption

Startups are widely adopting cloud computing, but often they deal with disproportionate infrastructure costs or cloud solutions that require completely revamped infrastructure. Established enterprises have been slow to embrace cloud computing for their own reasons, including security, speed of access to cloud resources, and runaway network costs.

This paper will review the challenges that face both high-­growth startups and established enterprises and then will offer various options for addressing these challenges.

The key challenges (with solutions listed below each challenge) are:


  • Improved latency
  • Better uptime


  • Predictable bills


  • Isolation
  • Controlled access
Internet-connected use vs. internet-avoiding use

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Markets facing challenges
  3. Barriers to cloud adoption
  4. Overcoming adoption barriers with a direct-­access solution
  5. Summary
  6. About Robust Cloud
  7. About GigaOM Pro

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