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GigaOm Radar for Enterprise CI/CDv1.0

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. About the GigaOm Radar
  3. Market Categories & Deployment Types
  4. Key Criteria Comparison
  5. GigaOm Radar
  6. Vendor Roundup/Overview
  7. Conclusion
  8. About Jon Collins

1. Summary

The goal of an end-to-end Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline is to deliver software-based innovation and business value at both speed and scale. As we saw in the Key Criteria Report: Enterprise CI/CD report, continuous principles apply across the pipeline to integration, delivery, and deployment into test, pre-production, and production environments. An important concept is the ability to represent everything in the pipeline, and the pipeline itself, as inter-dependent artifacts (Figure 1).

The CI/CD pipeline should align with broader elements of innovation best practice, each of which needs to incorporate the ‘continuous’ principle including:

  • Communication and collaboration
  • Governance, compliance and risk
  • Management and planning
  • Evaluation, visibility and feedback

Together, these concepts make up the framework for how we can consider the shape of CI/CD today, and offer criteria for how enterprises can evaluate vendors of CI/CD tooling. In this report we provide a broad overview of the tools vendors are offering in response.