GigaOm Radar for Cloud Performance Testing Toolsv2.0

Vendor Evaluation and Comparison for Technology Decision Makers

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Market Categories and Deployment Types
  3. Key Criteria Comparison
  4. GigaOm Radar
  5. Vendor Insights
  6. Analyst’s Take

1. Summary

Cloud computing technologies have achieved high adoption levels in many organizations, requiring key stakeholders on software teams—including developers, testers, quality assurance (QA), development operations (DevOps), performance engineers, and business analysts—to ensure applications can scale to meet demand in terms of users, transactions, and data and processing volumes. Confirming this ability to scale is accomplished using performance testing tools. In the companion GigaOm report, “Key Criteria for Evaluating Performance Testing Tools,” we describe the criteria and evaluation metrics used to assess vendors’ solutions in this market.

The range of vendors offering performance testing solutions is diverse and strong, with Leaders found in every quadrant of this Radar report. Providers positioned further from the center of the Radar may nevertheless offer the best solution for an enterprise’s needs and constraints, whether that be capabilities for testing as code, observability, automated root cause analysis, collaboration, scalability, chaos engineering, advanced load type testing, ease of reporting, real browser-based testing, or the ability to work with open-source tools, simulate network traffic impairments, or implement “shift left” testing.

This is the second year GigaOm has evaluated performance testing tools. Our 2021 Radar report included both cloud-based and on-premises tools. However, for this year’s report, we focused on cloud-based performance testing tools exclusively.

All the solutions assessed in this report are cloud-oriented and offer faster speeds and better affordability than on-premises solutions do, especially for large testing loads. They’re being developed at a fast pace; democratization of load testing and automated test creation are two ongoing trends to watch. Most of the solutions evaluated here offer either graphical user interfaces (GUIs) to manage tests or ways to record users navigating the application to create load testing scripts automatically.

How to Read this Report

This GigaOm report is one of a series of documents that helps IT organizations assess competing solutions in the context of well-defined features and criteria. For a fuller understanding, consider reviewing the following reports:

Key Criteria report: A detailed market sector analysis that assesses the impact that key product features and criteria have on top-line solution characteristics—such as scalability, performance, and TCO—that drive purchase decisions.

GigaOm Radar report: A forward-looking analysis that plots the relative value and progression of vendor solutions along multiple axes based on strategy and execution. The Radar report includes a breakdown of each vendor’s offering in the sector.

Solution Profile: An in-depth vendor analysis that builds on the framework developed in the Key Criteria and Radar reports to assess a company’s engagement within a technology sector. This analysis includes forward-looking guidance around both strategy and product.

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