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GigaOm Radar for Cloud Performance Testingv4.0

Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Market Categories and Deployment Types
  3. Decision Criteria Comparison
  4. GigaOm Radar
  5. Solution Insights
  6. Analyst’s Outlook
  7. About Dana Hernandez

1. Executive Summary

Cloud computing technologies have achieved high adoption levels in many organizations, requiring key stakeholders on software teams to ensure applications can scale to meet demand. That demand is driven by the volume of transactions, data, and processing work, but also by the wide range of users in various technology roles, including developers, testers, quality assurance (QA) personnel, development operations (DevOps) teams, performance engineers, and business analysts. Without performance testing tools, this demand would be far more difficult to meet and manage. One related area that continues to grow is digital experience management (DEM), in which performance of applications and services is considered from the user’s point of view.

All the solutions assessed in this report are cloud-oriented and offer faster speeds and better affordability than on-premises solutions do, especially for large testing loads. Most vendors offer flexible licensing arrangements to best fit a company’s needs, ranging from pay-as-you-go models to enterprise-level tiers.

The market is evolving at a fast pace; democratization of load testing and automated test creation are two ongoing trends to watch. Most of the solutions evaluated here support either graphical user interfaces (GUIs) to manage tests or ways to record users navigating the application to create load testing scripts automatically.

This is our fourth year evaluating the cloud performance testing solutions space in the context of our Key Criteria and Radar reports. This report builds on our previous analysis and considers how the market has evolved over the last year.

This GigaOm Radar report examines nine of the top cloud performance testing solutions and compares offerings against the capabilities (table stakes, key features, and emerging features) and nonfunctional requirements (business criteria) outlined in the companion Key Criteria report. Together, these reports provide an overview of the market, identify leading cloud performance testing offerings, and help decision-makers evaluate these solutions so they can make a more informed investment decision.


The GigaOm Key Criteria report provides a detailed decision framework for IT and executive leadership assessing enterprise technologies. Each report defines relevant functional and nonfunctional aspects of solutions in a sector. The Key Criteria report informs the GigaOm Radar report, which provides a forward-looking assessment of vendor solutions in the sector.