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GigaOm Maturity Model: CI/CD

An Actionable Guide to Evolving Software Delivery

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. CI/CD Maturity Model
    1. Strategy
    2. Automation
    3. Insight
    4. Processes
    5. Governance
  3. CI/CD Primer
  4. Expected Outcomes
  5. About Matt Jallo

1. Introduction

This GigaOm Maturity Model report was commissioned by CloudBees.

Innovation and excellence in software delivery are core components of digital transformation. Modern applications development and CI/CD tools have expanded to include enterprise value-added features.

Most large companies are at an early stage in the effort and investment necessary to master the tools and practices of software transformation. In most cases, it takes several years of commitment to master CI/CD and reap the full rewards. However, incremental progress can be made quickly, along with increasing returns on investment.

The maturity model shows IT leaders how commitment to CI/CD produces results early and breaks down how the investment continues to grow in value. It is a powerful model for organizations considering the investment to develop buy-in among teams and decision-makers. Finally, it is a valuable reference for setting up business and DevOps teams to accelerate consistently and succeed at software delivery transformation.

GigaOm Maturity Model

This GigaOm Maturity Model provides context and expected outcomes for organizations that seek to transform software delivery with CI/CD tools and practices. It illustrates common landmarks of meaningful progress and describes the long-term value that can be expected from continuous improvement.

The maturity model begins at Level 0, which maps common characteristics of organizations with no maturity in CI/CD. It progresses through each level, characterized by growing consistency, quality, and speed in Levels 1 through 3. These stages take the longest time to achieve but return great value on investment. The final levels of the maturity model illustrate the experiences typical of organizations who have become proficient in CI/CD practices and have even become industry leaders. Not all organizations will have a goal to achieve this level of mastery, but any modern software development effort should strive for a level of maturity that ensures speed and quality.