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GigaOm Benchmark: Testing Zoom AI Companionv1.0

Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Introduction
  3. Field Test Overview
  4. Field Test Report
  5. Conclusion: Should You Use Zoom AI Companion?
  6. Appendix
  7. About Eric Phenix

1. Executive Summary

This GigaOm Benchmark Report was commissioned by Zoom.

Artificial Intelligence has undergone a massive leap forward with the proliferation of generative AI and interactive language models. As recently as two years ago, AI solutions were available exclusively to large enterprises. Today, AI products are breaking ground as mass-market workforce multipliers that are available to end consumers and businesses of all sizes.

Zoom released its AI Companion in September 2023, and it is included at no additional cost with all paid Zoom plans. This report explores Zoom AI Companion as one of the first AI assistants to market in the industry and the value it can provide to organizations. The report will additionally provide insight into what to expect next, as Zoom is continuing to develop new features at an extraordinary pace.

In this report, we will convey a few key points with our testing of Zoom AI Companion: that it effectively and accurately captures the discussion topics of meetings, that it quickly answers questions in the chat interface, and, most importantly, that it is easy for workers to use.

About GigaOm Benchmarks

GigaOm Benchmarks consist of hands-on field tests and lab-based performance testing shaped to reflect real-world scenarios and assess claims made by vendors. Our Benchmark reports inform technology buyers with transparent, repeatable tests and results, backed by GigaOm’s expert analysis. Where quantitative metrics may not fully describe an experience, qualitative metrics and analyst commentary may be used to provide context and product positioning in the market.

While no testing can make up for real-world implementations, we design benchmark test suites to validate a select set of hypotheses which are designed to demonstrate the potential business value and product differentiation against competitors.