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GigaOm Benchmark: Achieving Cyber Resilience with Commvault Cloud Cleanroom Recoveryv1.0

Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Introduction
  3. Field Test Overview
  4. Conclusion
  5. Appendix

1. Executive Summary

This GigaOm Benchmark Report was commissioned by Commvault.

Commvault® Cloud Cleanroom™ Recovery represents a paradigm shift in how enterprises address cyber recovery readiness. Traditional backup and restore solutions do little to protect organizations from sophisticated and impactful cyber attacks, including but not limited to ransomware. For enterprises, the reality is that it is not a matter of if a cyber incident will occur but when it will occur and how damaging it will be. Investments in securing applications and implementing modern architectures such as zero trust remain critical, but a robust security posture demands a resilient recovery mechanism. Cyber recovery makes it possible for enterprises to recover critical infrastructure, applications, and data even if all other measures fail.

Commvault Cloud Cleanroom Recovery is an orchestrated cyber recovery solution that’s built on top of Commvault’s Metallic AI infrastructure. Cleanroom Recovery enables organizations to automate the regular testing and validation of backups so they know they have a proven recovery path and that the path is tested and trustworthy. Cleanroom Recovery uses cryptographically secure, immutable storage and anomaly detection to proactively identify that backups are clean from malware and corruption.

Cleanroom Recovery automates the provisioning of recovery environments, saving administration and cost compared to legacy solutions, which may have involved, long-running recovery environments. By effectively automating recovery without long-running infrastructure, Commvault Cloud Cleanroom Recovery lowers the overall cost and TCO for cyber recovery to an attainable level. Companies that may have previously undermined their cyber resilience due to high cost now have an affordable option that mitigates the risk of nonrecoverable cyber incidents.

In this benchmark report, we investigate the use of Commvault Cloud Cleanroom Recovery and identify its total cost of ownership compared to traditional backup and restore solutions and weigh these costs against the real costs of cyber incidents.

About GigaOm Benchmarks

GigaOm Benchmarks consist of lab-based performance and UX tests designed to reflect real-world scenarios and assess vendor claims. Our Benchmark reports inform technology buyers with transparent, repeatable tests and results, backed by GigaOm’s expert analysis. Where quantitative metrics may not fully describe an experience, qualitative metrics and analyst commentary may be used to provide context and product positioning in the market.

While no testing environment can fully meet the complexity of production implementations, we design benchmark test suites to validate a set of hypotheses that have been carefully selected to demonstrate each product’s business value and differentiation against its competitors.