Getting your organization ready for SDN: Part 1 v1.0


Today, functioning networks hide many faults. They also hide expanding fault lines. Just how long can high-bandwidth connections compensate for poor traffic visibility and control? How long can expert and experienced operators compensate for clumsy operational systems and practices? And how long can network upgrades compensate for rising user demand and business shifts? Software-defined networking (SDN) offers network operators a solution. A network actively, reactively, and proactively defined by software is far more ready than one constructed of static devices, connections, and configurations. In this report, the first of a two-part series, we look at what SDN offers network operators, including the following:

  • The network advances ahead of rising demands of connected users and resources.
  • IT is relieved of pressure across multiple fronts, and the network can be tuned to need.
  • Network operating parameters and policies can be adjusted to provide the best service in response to oncoming end-user demands.
  • The network can be highly customized and dynamically tuned by software so it can deliver the greatest business value.
  • Services expand not only in network intelligence but also in network interaction.
  • The network becomes a programmable resource that can be adjusted as conditions and demands shift.

In the second report in this series, we’ll look at getting your organization ready for SDN, which means:

  • Examining your present networking environment and network support practices
  • Passing judgment on SDN solutions
  • Data acceleration with the new software network model at work

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