Analyst Report: Future prospects for the set-top box


Set-top box shipments will climb past 135 million in 2012 and will clear 150 million by 2015, according to iSuppli, which means the device has a critical presence in the living room. How does this long-unheralded category in consumer electronics stack up to the newer, feature-rich hardware on the market? This research note — part of a forthcoming collection about the digital living room — examines the device’s strengths and weaknesses, and its future prospects. Hardware manufacturers, semiconductor companies and traditional video service providers will all play a part.

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Introduction
  3. A brief history
  4. Snapshot: the current market
  5. Trends and technologies to watch
  6. Companies to watch
  7. Outlook
  8. About Mari Silbey
  9. About GigaOM Pro

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