Analyst Report: Flash analysis: prospects for Google+


Google’s new collection of social technology, Google+, is generating positive reviews from the digerati and looks like the company’s best effort yet in social media.

We conducted a survey over the Fourth of July weekend of GigaOM readers regarding Google+’s chances for success, its competitive weapons and its likely impact on the competitive social media environment.

This research examines the survey’s results. It includes an analysis predicting Google+’s chances for success and how it matches up to competitors like Facebook and Skype. It also includes a selection of thoughts from survey respondents.

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Methodology
  3. The results
  4. Analysis: Google+’s chances for success
    1. Google’s competitive weapons
    2. The near-term competitive impact of Google+
  5. About David Card
  6. About Michael Wolf
  7. About GigaOM Pro
  8. Appendix A: Reader’s views on the impact of Google+
    1. Comparisons to Facebook
    2. Privacy/Circles
    3. Hangouts/Video Chat
    4. Google accounts/services integration
    5. Interface

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