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Flash analysis: how the Model S will change Tesla and the electric-car market

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Introduction
  3. The results
  4. Analysis
  5. About Katie Fehrenbacher

1. Summary

Tesla’s Model S represents a new chapter for the Silicon Valley–born, venture capital–backed company and a new hope for the mainstream adoption of electric vehicles. In a recent survey we asked GigaOM readers to weigh in on the future of both Tesla and what the fate of its new vehicle means for the future of the entire EV industry. The results are collected and analyzed here.

For Tesla, the Model S is both a way to become profitable and also a means of transitioning into a more mainstream player that could potentially compete with auto industry heavyweights like BMW, Lexus and Mercedes. The question is, Are optimistic sales predictions, an especially long battery range and a sleek design enough to propel the vehicle into the mainstream?