Analyst Report: Fact or Fiction: Where Is Branded Online Video Going?


Last month, groundbreaking production company EQAL (the creators of “lonelygirl15”) announced that it would no longer be producing scripted series, instead creating content to go along with previously established brands. It was a decision that disappointed many loyal fans, but it just might be the direction the online video industry is going.

That’s because one of the most reliable ways to make sure your web series has a chance of making a profit is to engage brand partnership right from the beginning. And several companies have emerged in the space over the past few years to do just that.

From onscreen product placement to interstitial spots to site banner ads, the business of pairing content with advertisers is a growing, if so far unproven one. Below, we look at 10 different producers of online video to see how fiction and non-fiction content offerings are fairing in the war for brand support.

Music dominates Babelgum’s exclusive content, which includes world premiere music videos and the reality road trip/musical performance series “Ice Cream Man.” But it also has some non-fiction content, including the environmentally-themed documentary “End of the Line” and a video guide to New York City, as well as a comedy series about speed dating. Emphasis: Non-fiction.

Table of Contents

  1. Summary

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