Analyst Report: Electric vehicle business models


The electric vehicle industry has moved past the toddler stage (where companies that could not stand on their own have fallen) to early adolescence (where business models are taking shape and profitability is within reach). This report will focus on the most promising new business models in the electric vehicle ecosystem. The analysis discusses how electric vehicle (EV) participants connect with the remaining early adopters that are willing pay a premium for new technologies and services and how companies can diversify their revenue sources while reaching a broader audience of customers.

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Vehicle sales and leasing strategies
  3. Automotive startup strategies: Tesla’s triumph and Fisker’s failure
  4. EVs in car-sharing programs
  5. EV battery leasing
  6. Repurposed EV batteries
  7. Commercial EV retrofits
  8. Electric vehicle charging services
  9. Vehicle-to-building services (demand charge avoidance)
  10. Vehicle-to-grid services
  11. Solar EV charging
  12. About Dave Hurst
  13. About John Gartner
  14. About Lisa Jerram
  15. About Scott Shepard
  16. About Navigant Research
  17. About GigaOM Research

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