Dissecting the data: 5 issues for our digital future

1 Summary

When it comes to the promise of data as the currency of the web, the current state of affairs has privacy advocates and many consumers up in arms. A future involving even more data collection and a more expansive use of it will only fuel that outrage, and rightfully so. That is why it is so important that we get privacy right.

It doesn’t have to be the one-sided affair it is today, in which companies have all the data and all the rights, and we shouldn’t have to be afraid of who’s doing what with our information. With laws, products, practices and education, data can become a far more valuable currency than cash ever was.

With that in mind, this research note examines five issues that must be addressed by policy makers and entrepreneurs so that they can deliver on our data-driven digital future.

Companies mentioned in this research note include Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Yahoo, Foursquare, Dropbox, Verizon, EMC, Google and Apple.