Analyst Report: Disrupting the university: near-term opportunities in the digital-learning market


The education market in the U.S. is a trillion dollar industry. The total amount of money both public and private for K–12 and universities is more than every other information industry combined. But for all the innovation and technology that has created the 21st century world we live in, the educational field has yet to fulfill its potential to equip the next generation of citizens with the skills necessary to progress our digital economy.

That’s where educational-technology startups come in. This report examines the qualities that those startups need and the types of technology they must employ in order to succeed at the university level. The report also details the promising companies that will help the existing university system improve. With a projected $10 billion in spending for IT in universities in 2013, startups with demonstrated value can make substantial inroads in this market.

Key highlights from this report include:

  • Successful ed-tech companies will improve the cost efficiencies of content production and the learning process as well as partner with universities and education companies.
  • Adaptive-learning and blended-learning platforms are changing the way students and educators interact with and employ content.
  • In the near term, students will have anytime access to educational tools that are personalized and project-based.

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Technologies in service of learning
  3. Effective education technologies
    1. Adaptive learning
    2. Blended learning
  4. Future trends in digital education
  5. About Shannon Arvizu
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