Data Storage for the Hybrid Multicloud Era

Three Radars, One Leader

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Meeting DevOps and Infrastructure Needs
  3. The Way Forward

1. Summary

It is no news that enterprises are adopting fresh hybrid cloud strategies—and by hybrid we mean multi-cloud approaches that can blend multiple public clouds and on-premises environments into a single infrastructure. Some take this path strategically while others do it on an opportunistic basis, but the result is the same. Those who are strategically thinking about hybrid cloud are focusing on a relatively near future in which 40% to 60% of their applications and services will run in the cloud, while the rest remain on-premises.

There are several reasons for this focus on hybrid and multi-cloud, but it mostly comes down to achieving the best of both worlds:

  • Combining the flexibility of the public cloud with the attractive costs of on-premises infrastructures
  • Minimizing both the rigidity of on-premises infrastructure and the cost of public cloud

To achieve this goal, enterprises need to leverage next-generation platforms that enable seamless application and data mobility.

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