Analyst Report: Data markets: in search of new business models


From information on U.S. census returns to the location of every Starbucks in Canada, the demand for data to support decision making is increasing. Fittingly, a number of new data markets have emerged in the past few years that provide access to this data.

A wide range of companies exists in this space, and often there are more differences than similarities in the various products on offer, not to mention the many different financial models. This report describes the basics of a data market, explores the ways in which various companies are beginning to position their offerings, and looks for evidence that there is sufficient demand for this market segment to prove sustainable.

Feature image courtesy of Flickr user Writer Gal 39

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Introduction
  3. What does a data market do?
  4. Gather data from multiple public sources
  5. Offer individual data sets for download
  6. Gather data from multiple private sources
  7. Harmonize data
  8. Offer an API
  9. Accept contributed data
  10. Aggregate data sets
  11. Offer on-site tools for manipulation and visualization
  12. Nurture a community
  13. Offer a market
  14. Hook directly into other tools
  15. Segmenting the space
  16. Where is the market for data?
    1. Data markets’ rocky start
  17. Looking ahead
  18. About Paul Miller

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