CxO Decision Brief: Mobile Threat Defense (MTD)

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Solution Overview

Zimperium offers a unique mobile threat defense (MTD) solution characterized by its On-Device Dynamic Detection Engine that blends machine and deep learning techniques, behavioral analysis, and deterministic techniques to provide comprehensive threat detection and mitigation with dynamic updates that incorporate the latest threat intelligence. Additionally, robust Mobile App Vetting helps to ensure adherence to stringent security standards. This positions Zimperium as a vital player in the mobile security sector.

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  • Enhanced security posture: Real-time, on-device threat detection significantly reduces the risk of data breaches.
  • Risk reduction and regulatory compliance: Comprehensive visibility into potential threats and vulnerabilities, allowing organizations to proactively address risks and minimize exposure.
  • Operational continuity: Ensures uninterrupted operations, essential for government and healthcare sectors facing sophisticated threats.
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The need for Zimperium MTD is urgent due to the increasing sophistication of mobile threats, including phishing and malware, particularly in industries like healthcare, finance, and government. These sectors are witnessing a surge in mobile attacks that could lead to severe data breaches and operational disruptions.

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Adopting Zimperium MTD will necessitate organizational changes, including advanced end-user training and adjustments in governance. It will foster a security-first culture and require IT to adapt to enhanced mobile security practices.

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Challenges include managing user privacy in BYOD setups and integrating MTD with existing IT infrastructure. In regulated industries, such as finance and healthcare, non-compliance risks due to mobile breaches can lead to severe penalties.

1. Solution Value

This GigaOm CxO Decision Brief commissioned by Zimperium.

Mobile devices are integral to corporate operations yet remain a vulnerable target for sophisticated cyber threats. Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) technology is critical in safeguarding these essential assets, providing a robust defense mechanism that addresses both operational and strategic risks within an organization.

Zimperium’s advanced MTD solution, anchored by its comprehensive enterprise management platform, offers a multi-layered security approach. This platform seamlessly integrates with existing IT infrastructures, providing centralized control and visibility over mobile security. The platform’s capabilities extend beyond traditional threat detection, encompassing vulnerability management, forensic analysis, and streamlined enterprise integration.

Central to Zimperium’s solution is its On-Device Dynamic Detection Engine that blends machine and deep learning techniques, behavioral analysis, and deterministic techniques to provide comprehensive threat detection and mitigation with dynamic updates that incorporate the latest threat intelligence. This comprehensive approach not only mitigates the risk of data breaches and compliance failures but also enhances operational resilience, making it an essential component of a modern security strategy. By securing mobile endpoints, Zimperium empowers executive decision-makers to protect their organization’s data integrity and maintain operational continuity, positioning MTD as a cornerstone of enterprise cybersecurity initiatives and making it an indispensable asset in the mobile-first business environment.

A key differentiator of Zimperium’s solution is its Mobile App Vetting (MAV) feature. MAV enhances the security framework by analyzing applications to ensure they adhere to stringent security standards before or after they are deployed on devices. This device attestation benefit ensures that mobile devices meet predefined risk thresholds to access resources, enabling users to safely use their personal devices for work while maintaining stringent security standards. This functionality aligns with BYOD policies, ensuring both flexibility and security.

With additional features such as vulnerability management, forensic capability, and seamless enterprise integrations, the value of Zimperium’s solution is exceptionally rich. The platform’s comprehensive approach to mobile security not only protects mobile ecosystems but also supports compliance and operational continuity, making it a strategic choice for executive decision-makers looking to fortify their mobile security posture.

2. Urgency and Risk


Adopting mobile threat mitigation has become increasingly critical due to the rising volume and sophistication of mobile cyberattacks. For example, phishing scams, cleverly disguised as legitimate communications, often target employees and exploit mobile devices to steal credentials and gain unauthorized access into secure environments. Spyware and malware are well-known attack vectors that can land companies in the news—and not in a good way.

The retail industry is highly reliant on mobile devices and is a typical industry of focus for these technologies. Beyond the retail industry, sectors such as healthcare, finance, and government face similar rising volumes and sophistication in the attacks and, perhaps, more acute challenges. For instance, the healthcare sector has seen increased attacks targeting mobile devices to breach patient data, exemplified by the 2020 attack on Universal Health Services, which led to significant operational disruptions and an estimated $67 million loss. Similarly, financial services have witnessed Trojans like EventBot, which bypasses two-factor authentication on Android devices to steal banking credentials. Such incidents—along with the rise of hybrid/remote workforces, mobile-first adoption, and the need to implement Zero Trust and anti-phishing capabilities for those use cases—highlight the necessity for a comprehensive MTD solution like Zimperium’s to protect sensitive information and ensure operational continuity across industries.


The deployment of MTD solutions entails navigating concerns around user privacy, especially in BYOD environments, and integrating these solutions with existing IT infrastructure. In the finance sector, the risk of non-compliance with regulations such as PSD2 can lead to hefty fines. For healthcare organizations, HIPAA violations resulting from mobile data breaches can cause irreparable damage to reputation and patient trust, alongside financial penalties. Zimperium’s approach mitigates these risks by offering on-device threat detection and granular privacy policies, ensuring data privacy, and providing comprehensive compliance support.

3. Benefits

Zimperium’s MTD solution offers critical benefits across all sectors, benefiting not only compliance and security, but also providing advanced governance capabilities. Certain examples are provided to illustrate the capability and do not imply they are limited to that example or industry.

These benefits include:

  • Enhanced security posture: Zimperium’s Dynamic On-device Detection Engine leverages machine and deep learning, behavioral analysis, and deterministic techniques to provide real-time threat detection. This significantly mitigates the risk of data breaches. In healthcare, for instance, securing patient data against unauthorized access can prevent significant fines and ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations.
  • Regulatory compliance: For financial institutions, as an example, Zimperium maintains compliance with stringent regulations such as GDPR and PSD2 by securing mobile transactions and customer data, which is crucial in light of the recent surge in mobile banking Trojans.
  • Operational continuity: In the government sector, for example, where services are increasingly mobilized, Zimperium enables uninterrupted operations by protecting against sophisticated threats like spyware and state-sponsored attacks, such as those from Pegasus targeting government officials’ mobile devices or government-banned apps. Further, security updates are available instantly and continue functioning even offline (for example, in airplane mode).
  • App Vetting/MAV: Enhancing compliance with government regulations, Zimperium’s Mobile App Vetting (MAV) evaluates and certifies applications to ensure they meet the highest security standards before deployment, crucial for government and regulated industries.
  • Zero trust security: By implementing Zero Trust principles, Zimperium continuously evaluates the security posture of a device before granting access, aligning with best practices in government and enterprise security frameworks.
  • Deep insights and visibility: Zimperium provides comprehensive visibility into threats and risky events, offering deep insights that allow organizations to swiftly identify and mitigate potential breaches, ensuring a proactive cybersecurity stance.
  • Adherence to security frameworks: Zimperium’s solution aligns with recognized security frameworks such as NIST and MITRE, ensuring adherence to industry standards. This alignment helps organizations implement robust security measures and stay ahead of evolving threats.

4. Best Practices

To maximize the benefits of Zimperium MTD, consider establishing the following best practices:

  1. Comprehensive integration with leading EMM/MDM, UEM, SOAR, and XDR systems to ensure seamless mobile device management and increased visibility into mobile threats and risks, crucial for industries such as government and finance, where device management and security are paramount.
  2. Continuous policy updating guided by industry standards that inform best practices (such as MITRE, 800-163, 800-124, and similar) to address the evolving threat landscape and organizational changes. Rapid adaptation to new threats is essential, as seen in the healthcare sector’s response to COVID-19-related phishing attacks.
  3. Employee training programs to raise awareness about mobile threats such as targeted phishing campaigns. Such programs can be particularly effective in the retail sector, where high employee turnover can introduce vulnerabilities.

5. Organizational Impact

Deploying an MTD solution like Zimperium promotes a secure mobile environment and builds trust among stakeholders. It mandates a shift toward stricter data protection measures, such as zero trust, and a security-first culture across all levels of the organization.

People Impact

The introduction of MTD affects IT and security teams across industries by necessitating a focus on mobile threat intelligence and incident response strategies. The budgetary impact includes the cost of licensing Zimperium’s solution against the backdrop of savings from averted security incidents and potential regulatory fines, emphasizing the solution’s value proposition.

Investment Outlook

The investment in Zimperium’s MTD solution is offset by the significant costs associated with mobile security breaches, regulatory non-compliance, and operational disruptions. The scalable pricing model ensures cost efficiency, providing a compelling ROI through enhanced security and compliance.

6. Solution Timeline

The deployment of Zimperium’s MTD solution is designed to be efficient and seamless, with timelines ranging from hours to days for smaller or less complex setups and extending to a few weeks or longer for larger organizations with more complex mobile infrastructures. The solution’s integration capabilities with existing EMM/MDM platforms ensure a frictionless, zero-touch activation of MTD protection on devices, making the process easy and unobtrusive for end users.

To ensure a smooth deployment, it is important to budget time for a comprehensive assessment of the current mobile landscape and security posture. This preparation will facilitate seamless integration, allowing advanced security features provided in the solution to be quickly and effectively implemented, enhancing the organization’s overall mobile security strategy.

Future Considerations

Zimperium’s commitment to innovation suggests that clients can anticipate enhancements in several key areas over the next three years:

  • Enhanced Predictive Threat Detection: Clients will likely see improvements in predictive threat detection capabilities, such as leveraging advanced machine learning and AI to identify and mitigate threats before they impact the organization.
  • Broader Regulatory Compliance Support: Zimperium is expected to expand its support for regulatory compliance, adapting to new and evolving standards to help clients remain compliant with industry regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, and PSD2.
  • Advanced Mobile App Vetting (MAV) Policies: Future updates are anticipated to focus on refining MAV policies to better identify and manage risky app integrations, particularly with emerging mobile technologies. This may include more robust app vetting processes and deeper integration with enterprise security frameworks.
  • Enterprise Integration with Identity Providers for Zero Trust: Zimperium will likely enhance its integration capabilities with leading identity providers to support Zero Trust architectures, enabling organizations to continuously evaluate the security posture of devices before granting access to critical resources, providing that only trusted devices and users can interact with sensitive data.

These anticipated advancements should be expected to further solidify Zimperium’s position as a leader in mobile threat defense, offering clients a comprehensive, forward-looking solution that adapts to the changing landscape of mobile security.

7. Analyst’s Take

The necessity of MTD solutions is undeniable in the face of growing mobile threats and ubiquitous mobility. Zimperium leads by offering a solution that mitigates immediate threats and adapts to future challenges. Further, forensic data collection capabilities go beyond typical protection offerings, enabling security teams to assess how a device became compromised to enable minimization and mitigation of future risks. The comprehensive protection and detection, integration capabilities, and commitment to privacy and compliance make Zimperium a strategic choice for businesses prioritizing mobile security.

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