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Cloud security market landscape, 2013–2017 v1.0

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Introduction: the global cybersecurity industry’s evolution
  3. Market overview: trends, innovation, and new business models
    1. Cloud security: from adoption concerns to business enabler
    2. Market opportunities: the rise of IaaS
    3. Market opportunities: return of the TLB
  4. Emerging cloud-security business models and companies to watch
    1. Cloud-delivered security vs. security for the cloud
    2. The classic Security as a Service
    3. Cloud-delivered website security solutions
    4. Security solutions powered by the cloud
    5. Security for web applications and Software as a Service
  5. Network security appliances evolve and leverage the cloud
  6. IT giants extending existing technology offerings to the cloud
  7. Bringing cloud and mobile security together
  8. Final words: the future of security technologies
  9. About Keren Elazari


Cyberthreats are now a critical issue affecting the national security of nation countries worldwide. This is thanks to a few factors: the rise of cloud computing and big data and the sometimes unclear virtual boundaries caused by increasingly mobile enterprises, among others.

In conjunction with the shifts mentioned in the previous section, the IT world is also witnessing a wave of new innovation, and there are numerous business opportunities for technologies built around the emerging market sectors of mobile and cloud computing. The cloud-security space itself is undergoing an intense maturation phase after a couple of years in a vague initial hype phase.

This report will examine:

  • The difference between security for the cloud and security delivered by the cloud
  • Market opportunities tied to the rise of IaaS
  • Key technologies that address security needs for both public and private clouds
  • Emerging business models and companies to watch



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