Cloud computing infrastructure: 2012 and beyond

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Introduction
  3. PaaS market accelerators, 2012–2013 – by David Linthicum
    1. Considering PaaS solutions
    2. The future of PaaS technology
    3. Companies to watch
    4. Next steps for finding the right PaaS provider
  4. How carriers can catch up in the cloud race — by Jo Maitland
    1. Trends and technologies to watch
    2. Companies to watch
    3. Conclusion
  5. Cloud computing and trickle-down analytics – by Derrick Harris
    1. Top level: Business users, meet Hadoop
    2. Mid level: Why dirty your hands at all?
    3. Bottom level: You, your data set and — voilà! — visualization
    4. We’re not there yet
  6. Cloud computing’s impact on chip and hardware design – by Jim Turley
    1. The current market
    2. Trends and technologies to watch
    3. Companies to watch
    4. Looking forward
  7. Software-defined networking: the third epoch in computer networking – by Nicholas J. Lippis III
    1. A brief history of computer networking
    2. Companies to watch
    3. Looking forward
  8. The future of security and compliance in cloud computing – by Davi Ottenheimer
    1. Current market overview
    2. Trends and technologies to watch
    3. Companies to watch
    4. Looking forward
  9. About the authors
  10. Further reading and resources

1. Summary

Cloud computing continues to change and shape the technology industry, and these days discussions are about more than simply reorganizing the IT department. New developments in chip and hardware architectures, more-energy-efficient data centers, regulatory concerns and simplifying data analytics are all discussions currently circling through the industry.

To make sense of the ever-growing amount of information that business and IT leaders must know about this space, GigaOM Pro has gathered six of its analysts to discuss several sectors of the current cloud market. It is our hope that the pieces in this report will help you, GigaOM Pro readers, to make the best decisions for your businesses when it comes to using the cloud.

As with any discussion of a market, this list of topics is not exhaustive, and we encourage you to weigh in with your own thoughts and ideas in the comments section.

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