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Closing the Gap Between Low Code and Testing

Aligning the Pace of Testing with a Rapidly Changing World

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Benefits and Consequences of Low Code
  3. Challenges Causing a Widening Testing Gap
  4. Back to First Principles: Software Testing Fundamentals
  5. Applying the Fundamentals: Low Code Needs a Minimum Necessary Approach
  6. Deliver, Deepen, and Optimize Your Low-Code Testing
  7. Conclusion – Testing Can Be Built into the Future
  8. About Jon Collins

1. Summary

Low-code and no-code solutions enable testing to be deployed to speed software delivery. This report looks at how low-code development differs from traditional software development, and examines the ramifications for application quality. It review the basis for software testing in the low-code/no-code world, bringing in lessons learned from the field in terms of setting a testing strategy for low code, building a foundation that reduces risk, and integrating this foundation into broader practices.