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Micro Focus

Key Criteria for CI/CD

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Overview
  3. Key Criteria Analysis
  4. Vendor Evaluation
  5. About Jon Collins

1. Summary

How to read this report

The Vendor profile is part of a series of documents aimed at giving the reader the tools to better understand a technology, evaluate it, and explore the market to find the best solutions for their organization.

In this context, and to get a complete view of the state of the solutions available in the market, the reader should consider the following documents:

  • Key Criteria is an introduction to the technology, defines the necessary evaluation metrics, the key criteria to evaluate new solutions, and the impact of the latter on the former. It is dedicated to those end users that are approaching a new technology for the first time or want an update on the latest evolution.
  • Vendor Profile covers a single vendor regarding the solutions described in the other reports. It provides more details on the solution, how the vendor approached the key criteria, and the impact that its solution has on the evaluation metrics. This document helps end-users to get a quick but complete evaluation of a single vendor.

Please refer to GigaOM Key Criteria for CI/CD report to get a complete description of the key criteria and evaluation metrics referenced in this report.