CES 2012: a recap and analysis

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Introduction
  3. Show overview
  4. Handset roundup
  5. Smartphones for $0 (and in prepaid markets for $50)
  6. Windows Phone
  7. Phone gadgets
  8. Androidification
  9. Tablets
  10. Ultrabooks
  11. Mobile health
  12. Cars
  13. Miscellaneous
  14. Conclusion
  15. About Derek Kerton
  16. Further reading


This year’s CES was the biggest in the show’s 44-year history. It boasted 15 miles of exhibit hall aisles, 3,100 booths and 153,000 attendees. And, of course, there were the products. While it is easy to be jaded by their repetitive nature (new year, new iteration), this year there was tremendous incremental improvement and even a few examples of significant leaps forward.

The Kerton Group sent three delegates to CES to scout out new products, listen to keynotes, watch announcements and get tips from insiders. Led by principal analyst Derek Kerton, the group gathered what it learned for this report, which serves as an outline of the major launches and overarching trends at CES (think smartphones for $0, Androidification and connectivity). It also analyzes what those developments mean for the larger consumer electronics picture.

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