CA’s Cloud Computing Plans Explained

1 Summary

It’s taken a full year and upward of $700 million in acquisitions, but CA Technologies (yes, it’s a new moniker) finally delivered on its cloud-computing strategy with several major product announcements. The Cloud-Connected Management Suite — the centerpiece of CA’s announcements — leverages pieces of technology it acquired from Cassatt, Oblicore, NetQoS, 3Tera and Nimsoft over the last year, as well as, no doubt, large amounts of internal innovation within CA.

However, the Cloud-Connected suite merely manages services within what’s available; it’s the infrastructure-management products that are responsible for creating and controlling an organization’s IT infrastructure. Therefore, CA also released a new suite of products designed to optimize management of virtualized environments by making them more cloud-like.

With these new products, CA has set the bar for how management software must act within cloud-connected organizations: it must recognize resources of all types, understand that some services will be hosted elsewhere, and somehow enable users to make sense of it all.