Building brand engagement through in-app communication

1 Summary

Mobile apps now allow businesses to be more responsive to users than ever before, but this interaction has created new customer expectations. While a mobile app must fulfill its core function, it must also continue a dialog with its users to remain relevant. Doing so requires ongoing, intelligent, targeted outreach to customers and an extension of customer-service strategy into the app itself.

Brands and businesses that develop mobile applications must be aware of the demands and limits of an increasingly sophisticated mobile audience, build a communications strategy that spans the appropriate communications channels, and play to the strength of each channel.

Key highlights from this report include:

  • Native mobile messaging can deepen the relationship between companies or brands and their users through a more connected, relevant conversation.
  • The contextual relevance of in-app messaging can engage users with a seamless app and influence consumer decisions.
  • Businesses should integrate native mobile messaging communications into a wider, targeted, outbound communications strategy.
  • Companies can also combine A/B testing, analytics, and location information to segment audiences on the fly and enhance push-messaging efforts.
  • Led by Amazon’s Mayday, in-app chat will set a new bar for faster, superior customer service.