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Artificial Intelligence for the Enterprise: A Primer on AI Use in the Enterprise

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Overview of AI
  3. Understanding the AI Maturity Model
  4. Value Opportunities from AI
  5. Hurtles to AI
  6. Building a Better Customer Experience
  7. The State of AI in the Corporate Enterprise
  8. Outlook and Key Takeaways

1. Summary

The world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing at an unprecedented rate. This report provides a broad look at how enterprises leverage AI in meaningful ways. This report includes data from Gigaom’s recent AI survey, insights from our recent AI Conference, and personal experience working with corporate enterprises on their AI journey.

Gigaom’s AI survey and conference focused on what enterprises are doing today versus the potential that AI brings. In addition, both efforts focused predominantly on the corporate enterprise versus new entrants to the corporate world. The intent focused on a wide margin of companies that are often overlooked, yet represent most corporations in existence today. The Gigaom AI Survey (n=303), specifically targeted enterprise companies with at least 1,000 people and those whom are actually working with AI today.

In this report, we outline what AI means, how you can derive value from AI, and what other corporate enterprises are doing with AI today. It helps connect the dots for enterprises looking to engage AI in new and innovative ways. The report leverages insights from the survey, conference, and first-hand experience.