Business Team Having Video Conference

Advances in Video Conferencing v1.0

Create richer, real-time experiences and connections with video, application sharing, and notifications.


There is an emerging division between real-time communications that are simple notifications and in-depth conversations. Technology has moved to a point where video-assumed, application-integrated sessions are the norm. A critical capability is to deliver that rich experience and connection across a continuum of devices and infrastructure, with everyone on a call having the most engaged experience they can, rather than falling back to the lowest common denominator.

Key Takeaways:

  • Communications are splitting into rich engaged sessions and notifications.
  • Video capabilities have become mainstream.
  • Winning communications strategies will provide continuums across both,
    • Hybrid network and infrastructure from dedicated room to wifi enabled PC to cell phone.
    • Hybrid capabilities across video, application sharing, voice, text.
  • Applications themselves will become more and more part of the communications experience.

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