A near-term outlook for big data

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Big data: beyond analytics — by Krishnan Subramanian
    1. Data quality
    2. Data obesity
    3. Data markets
    4. Cloud platforms and big data
    5. Outlook
  3. The role of M2M in the next wave of big data — by Lawrence M. Walsh
    1. The M2M tsunami
    2. Carriers driving M2M growth
    3. The storage bits, not bytes
    4. M2M security considerations
    5. The M2M future
  4. 2012: The Hadoop infrastructure market booms — by Jo Maitland
    1. Snapshot: current trends
    2. Disruption vectors in the Hadoop platform market
    3. Hadoop market outlook
    4. Alternatives to Hadoop
  5. Considering information-quality drivers for big data analytics — by David Loshin
    1. Snapshot: traditional data quality and the big data conundrum
    2. Information-quality drivers for big data
    3. Data sets, data streams and information-quality assessment
  6. The big data tsunami meets the next generation of smart-grid companies — by Adam Lesser
    1. Meter data management systems (MDMS): going beyond the first wave of smart-grid big data applications
    2. Apply IT to commercial and industrial demand response: GridMobility, SCIenergy, Enbala Power Networks
    3. Using IT to transform consumer behavior
    4. Finally, the customer
  7. Big data and the future of health and medicine — by Jody Ranck, DrPH
    1. Calculating the cost of health care
    2. Health care’s data deluge
    3. Challenges
    4. Drivers
    5. Key players in the health big data picture
    6. Looking ahead
  8. Why service providers matter for the future of big data — by Derrick Harris
    1. Snapshot: What’s happening now?
    2. Is disruption ahead for data specialists?
    3. Analytics-as-a-Service offerings
    4. Advanced analytics as COTS software
    5. What the future holds
  9. Challenges in data privacy — by Curt A. Monash, Ph.D.
    1. Simplistic privacy doesn’t work
    2. What information can be held against you?
    3. Translucent modeling
    4. If not us, who?
  10. About the authors


Of the dozens of topics discussed at GigaOM Pro, big data tops the list these days, and the question of how to collect and make the most of that data is on the minds of CIOs and entrepreneurs alike. The following eight pieces, written by a handpicked collection of GigaOM Pro analysts, offer insights on what to consider when it comes to big data decisions for your business.

Big data now touches everything from enterprises and hospitals to smart-meter startups and connected devices in the home. Hadoop, meanwhile, is fast becoming the leading tool to analyze that data, cheaply and more effectively than was previously possible. And there is the ever-lingering question of privacy and how we, the technology industry, are responsible for teaching the lawmakers and policymakers of the world ethical ways to collect and regulate our data.

These topics and more are discussed in this report. While no list is ever truly exhaustive (and we encourage you to add your own thoughts in the comments section of this report), this outlook provides a well-rounded glimpse into the evolution of the big data phenomenon.

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