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A market overview of the mobile content management landscape

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. The current state of enterprise mobility
  3. Current approaches to MCM
  4. MCM go-to-market and deployment strategies
  5. The future of MCM: context and consolidation
  6. Key takeaways
  7. About Larry Hawes

1. Summary

While nearly everyone acknowledges the need to manage mobile content, there is no consensus on how to do so, and little progress has been made as a result. Enter the mobile content management (MCM) software market, which holds a number of strategies and tactical approaches for vendors with important go-to-market decisions to make that will have long-term ramifications on their successes.

This report examines potential strategies and tactics in the MCM market. It provides a snapshot of three current approaches to managing mobile content, highlighting the pros and cons of each. It also examines three potential go-to-market and deployment strategies for MCM. We conclude the report with a look at the future of MCM and the market for related technologies.

Key takeaways include:

  • Multiple market research surveys have found that, while enterprise mobility is very important to around 75 percent of IT leaders, less than half of those leaders have deployed supporting technologies, including those for MCM.
  • The enterprise mobility management (EMM) suite and enterprise file storage, sync and sharing application and service segments will see significant near-term consolidation because there are currently too many vendors with little differentiation in their technical capabilities and market strategies.
  • In the longer term, vendors that can enable unified management of content across all computing devices and deployment options will be especially attractive to deploying organizations and larger competitors that already have the capabilities necessary to execute on their nascent adaptive case management strategies.

Thumbnail image courtesy of shironosov/Thinkstock.