2016 Work Management Narrative Baseline v1.0


Key Insights & Recommendations You Need for Evaluating Team, Organization and Company Work Management Tools

The 2016 Work Management Narrative Baseline provides an analysis into the drivers and diversity in the work technology that has come to be known as work management. After examining the trends driving adoption, and categorizing the various social groups that use such tools (‘tribes’), this report examines a broad sample of leading work management tools: Asana, Azendoo, Basecamp, Fleep, Microsoft Planner, Todoist, Trello, and a selection of short descriptions of promising upstarts and innovators. Altogether, these triangulate a wide spectrum of trends and needs that I think are most critical to understanding the lay of the landscape. The report concludes with key takeaways and recommendations for evaluating work management tools for team, organization, or company.

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