Analyst Report: 2012: Data, spectrum and the race to LTE


The past year in mobile has been even more eventful than most of us would have predicted. Our appetite for mobile data grew dramatically; Google’s Android continued its march to worldwide dominance; Amazon joined the tablet bandwagon; and AT&T tried and failed to acquire T-Mobile USA, among many other things. All of that activity lays the groundwork for a very promising — and very challenging — 2012. This research note serves both as a review of the major trends and events of 2011 as well as a forecast for the coming year.

Companies mentioned in this report include Akamai, Amazon, America Movil, Apple, AT&T, Cotendo, Deutsche Telekom, Dish Network, Glympse, Google, Groupon, iAd, Ignition Partners, Menlo Ventures, Microsoft, Millennial Media, Nokia, PatientSafe Solutions, Quattro Wireless, Republic Wireless, Research In Motion, Samsung, Sprint, Square, Starbucks, T-Mobile USA, TPG Capital and Verizon Wireless.

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Introduction
  3. A look back
  4. Trends to watch
  5. Companies to watch
  6. Concluding remarks
  7. About Colin Gibbs
  8. About GigaOM Pro

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